Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some lovely cakes I made in the last few weeks

This cute golfing cake was made for a father celebrating his 80th with the family celebration being held at a fancy golf club. All the items (golfing bag, clubs, ball etc) were made from either chocolate or fondant.
I was hoping to avoid Frozen-mania but one of my lovely repeat customers asked me to recreated Elsa, Anna and Olaf with the cake being the castle for her little girls birthday. I kept the figurines fairly simple because I found the faces of the actual characters quite complicated (Original clay figurine design by Mayumi Biscuit). Unless you are very, very good with figurines (which I am not!) if you try to copy the features exactly your figurines could look evil/ugly lol I am happy with how they turned out. All 100% edible (made from sugar paste)
Next up a big box of mixed sugar flowers. Funny how I hate making flowers but it is one of the most requested designs. Lucky for me they are all different so by the time I get bored with one flower it is time to make a different design.
I loved making this sports cake for a sports mad teenager. I saw the original design by Sweet and Saucy and altered the design to suit the birthday boy. I loved how the red and black "popped" in the design scheme. The bottom tier took forever to make using edible black pen, a ruler and a very steady hand.
This petite cake was made for my daughter's 14th birthday. She asked for something small and simple and said she preferred the cake not to be covered in fondant. So I covered a double stacked 4"inch round cake in pastel pink raspberry ganache and topped it with a pink rose gilded in gold.
The original design of this cake is by Miss Couture - Cakes | Cupcakes | Cake pops . This cake took FOREVER to decorate, the ruffles alone took 6 hrs and I lost track of time hand placing all those pearls. The end result was lovely though, very pretty and feminine. 
Pretty cupcakes for a kitchen tea (styled by Coco asked for these), all the toppers are edible and made from fondant. I also had to make matching cookies and pops.
These were also requested by Styled by Coco, this time for a 1st birthday. Again I made matching cookies and pops, hopefully I can share those photo's in a few days time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scottie dog 6th birthday party

Last Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of creating this super cute dessert table for my 6 year old's birthday party. The idea came after I received the birthday outfit from Gymboree (Cheery all the way Scottie) range and saw how adorable the colours looked together as well as the cute Scottie dog which featured on the T-shirt. I quickly sketched a design, made a mock-up on Powerpoint and sent it to Amity Invites who created the colourful backdrop and printables for the party. I loved how all the colours worked together.
Next I drew and designed the cake, my daughter asked for a BIG cake with doggie topper and there had to be pink involved. The bottom tier was foam covered in fondant and the design reflected the backdrop stripes. The rest of the cake was Mocha walnut buttercake with the middle tier being black ruffles and the top tier sporting a pink edible dog collar with "silver"no 6 heart charm. I also made some matching Scottie dog biscuits, cupcakes, pops and macarons. Needless to say my daughter LOVED the table and declared it her best birthday ever :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thomas cake and lime cake with water Lily

If this cake looks familiar then you are correct, a couple of months ago I did a similar one as 3 tiers with an orange water lily topper. This cake was 6 'inch round and almost 7 inch tall Key Lime and Coconut cake for Wendy's 40th birthday. It was certainly a challenge to cover, especially since we've had horribly hot and sticky weather down here in Melbourne! I've also had to use a fair amount of CMC powder to my flower paste to make sure the petals did not "wilt"and droop into a sticky mess. So glad summer is finally over!

I was also asked to make this super cute and paired down version of Thomas the train. Double stacked 7"inch round double chocolate cake. The topper is made from styro and sugar paste so that the topper could be kept as momento. I used one of my children's Thomas lego trains as example :-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Kitty, Olympics and Mad Hatter cake

I loved making these two twin Hello Kitty cakes for two sweet little girls. One cake was vanilla buttercake and the other cake was Choc mud. I used edible textas to write the names on the cake using a homemade stencil. The figurines were made from styro and fondant so they were not only sturdy but light.

Mad Hatter tea party cake for one of my daughter's best friends. The design was "open" and I could basically make whatever I wanted as long as it was Alice in Wonderland related. Everything made from sugar and 100% edible, except for the florist wire posing as "hat pins" The tea cup and pocket watch took the longest as I had to make them in stages :-)
Inspired by Christopher Garrens Cakes, Lisa's cakes and Arte da Ka
This last cake was created for a 5 year old boy whom loved the Olympics. I was asked to make something simple that featured the Olympic flame, running track and had a gold medal. This inspiration came from  Nicole Patrick's Confections, Cakes & Creations as she made a similar cake on her Blog page. Cake flavour was raspberry buttercake with raspberry compote frosting.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome 2013, a busy year ahead!

I know, I know its been AGES since I updated my blog! I haven't forgotten, honest but life has just been so busy that keeping up with Facebook let alone this blog takes up a fair bit of my time. I've been a bit quiet as the last few months have been hectic for me. Our home that we were renting was sold suddenly last year, this meant I had about 4 weeks to look for a new home and find an alternative High school for my eldest daughter. We then moved, I stressed over my new oven and then I turned 40 (yippee, not!), had my family stay for 4 weeks (loved every minute) followed by Christmas. Just as I took a mini breather we were all off on a summer family vacation on a lovely pacific island cruise and came back just before High school, primary school and Kindy started back for my 4 children. That 1st week of back to school kept me VERY busy! But I am back now, just sharing some of the end of 2012 cakes I created such as the fire engine set for my twin Nephews back in November.
Along with a mini 3 tier birdcage cake (inspired by Cotton and crumbs in the UK) for The Sweet Society and the super cute Giggle and Hoot cake for a little boy who lost his father a few months ago through cancer.
Just as I came back from my holiday it was my 3 daughter's 6th birthday and she requested a ruffle Princess cake (her instructions were quite specific how the cake had to look lol).
I then had the challenge to make a black simple cake with balloon for a 40th birthday. I must admit this cake had me stumped at first as I could not work out how to make the balloon topper without the cake looking too childish. In the end I was happy with this design and so was the customer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Annike's Ballerina birthday cake

Happy 8th birthday to my daughter Annike. This year her birthday fell on Melbourne cup day so she was quite pleased that she had an extra long weekend to celebrate her special day. The theme for this years cake was ballerina, specifically it had to be 3 tiers (eep!) and be pastel colours. Since 3 tiers would probably feed a whole army I decided to make th top two tiers from foam dummies covered in fondant and just make the bottom tier the real cake (raspberry buttercake).
 I saw a ruffled cake design in Jacki's (From Blissfull Sweet) magazine, she made a similar ruffle cake for an autumn cake and I loved how she created her ruffles. I then mirrored the ruffles from the cake on the ballerina's tutu to make it look more "fluffy".
The ballerina figurine is a mix of styles, but the main idea came from one of Debbie Brown's cake books, I loved how she painted on the hair instead of using fondant.

Along with the cake I also decided to make some desserts like ruffle cookies, Oreo pops, ruffle cupcakes, home made marshmallows, coconut ice and glitter macarons. Some flowers from my neighbours garden, a painted drawer unit and viola I had a mini dessert table :-) Annike had a wonderful time unwrapping her presents and admiring all her sweet treats.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October cakes and sweets, modern or vintage?

Well October is nearly gone and we are quickly speeding towards Christmas (although I'd like to pretend that Christmas is still AGES away lol). This is what I have been busy with cake wise (along with all the packing since we are about to move house for the gazillionth time this coming two weeks). One of my good friends from my school coffee group is celebrating her birthday today (31st October) and the brief for her cake choose :-) I love those kind of requests :-) Mind you I know Amanda well enough by now to know she likes modern, bright and funky so this year I decided to make her cake bright orange with pops of hot pink and teal. The flavour is orange and almond, a new version of an old recipe that I have in my stash and I must say I am in LOVE !! Sunglasses anyone?

A completely different style of cake that I made for Mel's nan (The Sweet Society) who was celebrating her 70th birthday today is this super adorable petite 3 tier vintage roses, blossoms and hydrangea cake. The entire cake was white mud, a favourite with everyone covered in white choc ganache and pale blue fondant. You all know how much I love making flowers (NOT!), but I actually had fun making these and they turned out pretty good in the end.

Then there was Branden's 1st birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies. The design is from Style Me Gorgeous (her shop has the whole printable package) and I just copied the cute design. How cute is the elephant with balloon?
I also created a simple vintage girly Christening cake, mind you I had sooooo much trouble with the buttercream! I was supposed to ice the cake in smooth buttercream, but after 3 failed attempts (I just could not get it smooth enough) I restrained myself from throwing the cake against the wall and covered it in pale pink fondant.
Then there was some super duper detailed wedding pops, cupcakes and cookies. I think my poor neck was permanently bent into a U-shape after I finished decorating these! The brief was vintage brooches and cameo's in white/pearl and pale grey. The pops were made from Oreo's then dipped in white or grey chocolate x 2 before being given a pearl sheen with some lustre dust.
My favourite was the tassle cupcake, mind you the tassle and diamonte button on the cupcake is not edible, it was purely for photographic purposes :-)
Anyway I better get back to my packing and I must design my soon to be 8 year old's birthday cake as it will be her birthday on the 6th November. I think I vaguely saw her draw a 3 tier birthday cake with lots of ruffles and heard her mention ballerina....!!  :-O